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What we do

We’ve more than 300 highly experienced car, van, SUV and truck auto glass technicians located across the US, and we are here to find you the ideal local service provider. If you’ve been searching online for ‘windshield replacement near me’, or ‘windshield repair near me’, then you’re in the right place. We will do a local search on your behalf, based on your own personal auto glass service requirements, and come back with suggestions based on availability and price. Our partners are all independent businesses who form a wide-ranging network of certified automotive glass installers and repairers. They offer a range of same day and next day services, drive-in and call-out (mobile) options, and even direct insurance billing. Our advanced online platform allocates jobs to the most appropriate of them, based on your requirements and location and their availability and skill-set. Our online system allows us to keep a track on service standards and quality levels, and ensure our customers are happy with the service they receive. Save yourself time, effort and money on same day or next day auto glass repair or replacements with myWindshield.

How you benefit

First of all, our service is totally FREE for you to use, and puts you under no obligation. Secondly, our system makes it practically effortless for car, van, truck and SUV owners seeking windshield repair, side windows or back glass replacement to get into contact with certified professionals, who can assess the customer’s needs and deliver a no-obligation quote. Our one-stop quote process is quick and simple to use, and it gives you, the motorist, access to a choice of offerings from our partners. Once you’ve picked the one that best meets your requirements, you’re good to go. Our goal is to save you all the time and effort involved in internet searches and ringing around all the local auto glass businesses to find the best deal. What’s more, many of the myWindshield members can deal directly with your insurance company as part of the service, making your windshield replacement even more convenient.

Who we are

We are an online comparison site for car, van, SUV and truck glass repair and replacement services, offering online quotes and covering all US states and cities. Our partners are among the finest auto glass technicians around, and between them they have racked up more than 500 years’ experience in delivering quality windshield repair and windshield replacement services. When you put your vehicle into the hands of our industry-approved partners, you are guaranteed a quality job. We created the “myWindshield” site to make auto glass services available to everyone, quickly and efficiently. Our aim has always been to offer affordable, reliable and above all honest automotive glass services, making best use of our advanced online technology.

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Our partners

Out of all the independent auto glass technicians available across the USA, we have chosen to partner with just over 300 of them, because we feel confident that they will provide you with the best possible levels of service, at competitive prices. The lowest price doesn’t always represent the best value for money – our members commit to working to current industry safety and workmanship standards, to keep abreast of developments in techniques and materials, and to do the job right every time. Some of our partners can also direct bill your insurance company to save you time and effort. To find the best deal on windshield repairs and windshield replacement services for cars, trucks, SUVs and vans, the myWindshield network is the only place you need to look.

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Date Vehicle Technician Location Replacement Quote
03-25-2019 Toyota Sienna XLE - 3.5L - 2017 - Gasoline 1st Class Auto Glass Garden City, NY Back glass $275.00
03-23-2019 Audi SQ5 - 3.0L - 2016 - Gasoline 1st Class Auto Glass Brooklyn, NY Back glass $295.00

What people say

"A robbery left me with a smashed side window. The guy from myWindshield cleaned out the broken glass and replaced the window quickly and cleanly. It even cost less than I thought it would, totally happy."

Mark T (Wisconsin)

"I was stranded with a cracked windshield, but luckily the myWindshield team arrived quickly, and they replaced it there and then - thank you so much."

Sally B (NY)

"A windshield chip was causing a problem. It was mended by myWindshield, and you really can’t see the repair. Highly recommend these people."

Mr & Mrs P (Denver)

"I was amazed by how well myWindshield repaired my damaged windshield today, they did a super job at a great price!"

Jimmy B (Washington)

"I was told about myWindshield by a friend who recommended them highly. They were right – I got a very professional windshield repair at a lower price than I would have imagined. Thank you.”

Bill H (Des Moines)

"The back glass of my SUV got broken, so a myWindshield technician replaced it for me. I was surprised how soon the work was done, and they even sorted out the insurance for me. Great job!”

Sara T (Los Angeles)