About Us

Who we are

myWindshield offers access to fast, affordable windshield repair and windshield replacement services for cars, vans, SUVs and trucks.

In 2014, we were founded by Al Lijee (a technology entrepreneur), who was met with a poor quality of service from one of the established brands. His belief was that it should be possible to improve the way people searched for and made their choice of their local and most appropriately skilled auto glass technician, he therefore launched myWindshield. Starting small, our network has now expanded to cover every town and city in the US, and along the way we have signed up over 300 auto glass technician partners.

Operating model

Our technology platform allows customers to search for local car, van, SUV and truck windshield repair, windshield replacement, back glass and side window replacement services. Our partners are all well-established, independent auto glass technicians who are located across the USA. Our digital platform allocates work to the most appropriate partners, based on their skill-set and proximity, which they can choose to undertake, based on their capacity. Our platform enables us to measure and monitor service levels real-time, keep a track on where the auto glass technicians are, and give updates to the end customer.

We have a unique operating model, and this model accounts for our reliability and our ability to respond rapidly to both customer orders and changing circumstances. Our partners also travel fewer miles to their jobs than the more traditionally set up operators (the national brands) via our use of technology. This means that our operation is more gas efficient, and makes more efficient use of the local road infrastructure than our rivals. What’s more, being one of our growing band of partners helps the auto glass technicians to grow and expand their operations, based on having a reliable source of ongoing work.


We have a vision - we wish to reinvent the auto glass service.


We have a mission - we aim to be the first choice for motorists who need repairs or replacement vehicle glass. We will achieve this by being simple to use, speedy in operation, great value for money and providing total peace of mind to our users.