How it works for auto glaziers

Our website connects mobile auto glass technicians and auto glass shops with customers across the United States. Customers can search for auto glass repair or replacement services within their ZIP code and receive one or more free, no-obligation quotes.

The main purpose of myWindshield is to promote reputable, quality auto glass services in the market. Our website has been successful in attracting thousands of quotes and service requests every year. Each and every quote request is a potential lead for auto glass shops and mobile auto glaziers to improve business and thereby generate revenue.

All you need to do to access these leads is to sign up to our network. Upon registration with myWindshield, we will provide you with all relevant leads to your business. Which leads you’ll see largely depends on your location and your area of specialization (e.g. windshield replacement, stone chip repair, windshield calibration).

After every transaction, customers are requested to post a review. These genuine reviews boost your online presence and are an important factor in influencing customer choice. Most customers look keenly to genuine reviews and testimonials before hiring an auto glass shop, which in turn makes your business more attractive to potential customers in the future.

The bottom line

It only costs $100 annually to get listed on myWindshield. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME), our services are scalable to your bespoke needs.

There are thousands of leads available every month; build your online profile.

We are your personal marketing team

If you want to succeed in today’s digitally-connected world, you simply can’t rely on local business directories to attract leads. Of course, a well-rounded marketing effort can include vehicle wraps, newspaper listings, and more, but you’ve really got to have quality digital marketing to thrive. Our method of operation will get you noticed where customers look most frequently: from their phone or computer using the internet. We supply the leads, you manage your business operations.

Our digital marketing skills use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to drive potential customers looking for auto glaziers, auto glass shops, and auto glass technicians to the website and in turn we ask them to request a quote. We mainly focus our SEO efforts on major search engines like Google and Bing as well as researching relevant keywords that customers in the US use frequently. Whenever a customer types in ‘auto glass repair near me,’ for example, our website will consistently appear near the top of the results, making it far more likely that they’ll come to us and request a quote, which becomes a lead for your business.

This has a number of ancillary benefits, too. Since our website consistently ranks high in search results, your individual myWindshield profile page will also increase in the listings. This method is far more convenient and cost-effective than trying to rank your individual business website high in search results month after month.

Furthermore, reviews add exposure and build reputation for your business. Since all customers have access to your public profile, they’ll feel far more confident choosing your business over a competitor.

We also generate public presence through event sponsorship. This method of advertising is both cost-effective and a great way to generate interest in our operation.

We help businesses succeed

As your digital marketing and support team, myWindshield is here for you. We aim to take care of the backend marketing while you can continue doing what you do best - providing value to your customers and generating revenue.

Time is money, so we make it far more easy for your business to spend quality time on providing value rather than figuring out all of the latest SEO techniques and digital marketing on your own.

Use the myWindshield app

The myWindshield app makes it quick and easy for you to manage and view all incoming leads, to update your profile page, and to submit quotes all in real-time. Also take advantage of the convenience of our Lead Alert notification process, which immediately notifies you of incoming leads. Use the app to quickly get in touch with clients via telephone, SMS text, or email.

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