How Long Does a Windshield Replacement Take?

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The amount of time a windshield replacement takes depends on a few factors. These factors include things like the temperature and humidity, the make and model of the car, and the type of adhesive used. For most replacements, the actual process takes sixty minutes, followed by a waiting time which depends on some of the conditions mentioned above. Generally speaking, windshield replacement is standard and the thing that varies is the time you have to wait after the windshield has been replaced before you can drive your car.

How Long Does a Windshield Replacement Take? myWindshield

Temperature and humidity play an important role in determining the length of time it takes to repair your windshield. The short answer is that the colder the temperature, the longer it takes to replace your windshield. Conversely, if the air is especially humid, this will decrease the amount of time it takes the glue to harden and secure your new windshield. Make sure to consult with your repair technician on the day of replacement to get a more accurate answer.

The type of adhesive used can have a major impact on the wait time after replacement before your car is safe to drive. Generally speaking, Urethane windshield adhesives, the industry standard, are the most sturdy and also provide the quickest curing time, allowing you to get back on the road with the shortest wait time.

The make and model of your car is one of the main factors in determining the amount of time a technician will spend physically replacing your windshield. A newer model car might have a wide assortment of wires and sensors attached to the windshield (such as temperature monitors, spacing sensors, etc). These will cause the technician to have to safely remove them from the broken windshields panel, and, after the new windshield is installed, reattach them so they work properly. In addition, different makes and models of cars have different configurations regarding the disassembly of things such as windshield wiper blades, which may also impact the time it takes a technician to replace your windshield.

Overall, the process from the technician’s arrival to the time when you can safely drive with your new windshield will take roughly two to three hours. This is dependant on a number of external factors, so remember to consult with your technician on the day of the installation. Failure to properly adhere to the wait time could lead to the voiding of the warranty of the installation, a shifting of the new windshield (leading to leakage), or a windshield that will not properly protect you and your loved ones in the event of an accident.

Always remember to consult your technician about the temperature and humidity on the day of the installation, understand the process of installation with regards to your car’s specific make and model, and inquire about the type of adhesive used in the installation process. The factors can significantly alter your wait time before driving and have serious safety implications if not followed properly. While driving quickly may be tempting, endangering your safety is not worth the risk.