myWindshield is Now Live!

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We take great pleasure in announcing that the myWindshield website is now live and ready to begin working for motorists all across the US. Just like myWindscreen in the UK, myWindshield.com is a service and price comparison website, which was designed to put motorists in need of auto glass services such as windshield repair, windshield replacement and side window or back glass replacement, in touch with over 300 certified automotive glass technicians. The site was established in order to remove all the hard work and hassle involved in finding a reliable, local and reputable auto glass technician in your own locality. Someone who could be trusted to work to the highest standards, at a price you would be happy to pay.

myWindshield is Now Live! myWindshield

Experienced, certified and trustworthy

No matter where in the US our partners are located, they share a number of features. They are all highly experienced and trustworthy auto glass technicians, who are certified for the work that they do. They are also all independent operators, who are located across the US, so when you deal with one of our partners, you are dealing with a local business, complete with local knowledge and total ownership of the whole customer-supplier experience. Being independent means that they know their business and their customers, and they have the flexibility to tailor their services to the individual customer’s needs. This is something that the large national organizations are unable to offer, and the reason why we chose this particular organizational model – it puts the customer at the heart of everything that we do.

How myWindshield works

We have made the entire network, consisting of over 300+ independent myWindshield glass technicians, available to you through an easy-to-use online quote process. It’s free for you to use, and is guaranteed no-obligation. Once you have given us a few simple pieces of information (vehicle type, glass requirement, location, etc…) we will deliver a series of quotes for your windshield repair, back glass replacement, or whatever auto glass work you need done. Accompanying each quote will be a link to the technician’s profile page. All you need to do is to compare the quotes, decide which one you like the best, and contact the technician directly to make a booking.

Most of the technicians offer a range of services – emergency, same-day or next-day appointments, drive-in to the repair center or call-out the mobile technician and so on, giving you maximum choice to suit your own circumstances. Don’t forget, when you ask for quotes, you are not obliged to proceed, you are in total control of the process.

The benefits of using myWindshield website

We set up the myWindshield service with the express purpose of simplifying the process for motorists to get an automotive glass repair or replacement. When you’ve got a chipped or cracked windshield, or your side window has been smashed, you really don’t want to waste time and energy searching the internet or phoning around for quotes to get it repaired. Our aim was to put all the information that van, SUV, truck or car owners needed all in one place, and so make getting in contact with a suitable auto glass technician hassle-free and quick. We also made the decision to only allow experienced, reputable technicians to partner with us – we have left no room for beginners or amateurs to join. The upshot is that our customers can use our network, with confidence that they will be getting the best possible service, at a realistic price. A cracked windshield or a damaged back glass needs immediate professional attention, so find your local automotive glass expert through myWindshield.com.