Questions to Ask an Auto Glass Specialist

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You might be driving along, wind in your hair, taking in the sights when – crack! A small stone ricochets off the road and chips your windshield. Or it could be worse – a long crack stretching across your field of vision. Either way, it’s a sickening feeling.

No one likes having a damaged windshield. It’s dangerous, unsightly and inconvenient. But before you reach for that DIY repair kit or call the first auto glass shop on Google, take a beat. Asking the right questions upfront can save you time, money, and headaches.

The right auto glass specialist is more than someone who sticks to new car windows. They’re an ally in restoring your windshield to its former glory, someone who uses quality materials, provides skilled technicians, and helps navigate insurance (if applicable). But how do you find them? It starts with a conversation.

Questions to Ask an Auto Glass Specialist myWindshield

Here are some key questions to ask that will help you determine which auto glass expert is right for you and your car:

Can the damage be fixed, or does it have to be replaced?

The answer to this question will heavily affect how much time and money must be spent repairing the damage. Not all damages done to windshields require a complete replacement. 

Small chips and cracks, particularly those that can fit under a dollar bill in size, often can be repaired with specialized resin injections that fill the area around the crack, preventing it from spreading further and restoring its structural integrity. 

Nevertheless, if a bigger crack blocks the driver’s vision field or several layers of glass penetrate through, such damages may require a whole new windshield installation.

Before deciding anything, ask the technician to evaluate the damaged part and explain why he suggests fixing or replacing it. A reliable specialist in car windows should put your safety first. Additionally, they would advise you on what would work better, considering the extent and location of destruction.

What type of glass will you use for repair or replacement?

The kind of glass chosen for fixing or replacing auto glass greatly determines their quality, endurance, and security. There exist three main categories of automotive windowpanes:

a) Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass

This is exactly the same glass installed into your car when it was being manufactured at the factory; it meets the highest standards possible in terms of quality and safety features, plus it fits perfectly onto your vehicle.

b) Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) glass

Third-party companies manufacture these glasses, but they sometimes even exceed some requirements set by OEM; they are usually cheaper than the above-mentioned type without any compromise regarding their qualities or safeness.

c) Aftermarket glass

Such panes come from other manufacturers who might not follow very strict guidelines like those applied by OEM/OEE, leading them to be less durable, tinted differently, etc. However, their price points are lower than others.

You need to know the specific brands the shop uses besides asking about suggested options based on your budget and preferences, if any. 

Good automotive glass service provider will be open about where their supplies are sourced from and what level of quality they possess, thus enabling you to make an informed decision.

How long will it take to repair or replace?

You must know how much time should be allocated for fixing or replacing a windshield to plan your day properly around this activity. The whole process of repairing little chips can sometimes take less than one hour, while complete replacement may require several hours or even a whole day, depending on the complexity of the work involved and the type of adhesive used.

The technician has to give a realistic estimate based on specific circumstances applicable to your case. Also, find out the curing period required after applying adhesive during such repairs and replacements. Failure to observe the recommended duration could result in unsafe installation due to weak bonding between the frame & glass.

Is there mobile auto glass repair or replacement?

Mobile auto glasses repair is very convenient, especially when you have a tight schedule or cannot manage driving a vehicle over long distances to reach the workshop. Most companies dealing with auto glasses provide mobile services whereby technicians come to clients’ homes, offices, etc., thus saving them time that would otherwise have been wasted traveling back and forth just to fix a windshield.

If you are interested in mobile repair, ask about the service area, availability, and any additional fees for the service. Also, determine if the technician has all the equipment and knowledge required to perform it on-site.

What warranties do you have on your work?

A warranty on the repair or replacement gives peace of mind that you’ll be covered if anything goes wrong after servicing it.

Reliable auto glass shops provide warranties for both their labor and materials used. The time frame of a warranty may vary, so ensure specific terms and conditions are in question.

Ask what the warranty covers, such as faults in material or workmanship, leakages, or adhesive failures. Ask further whether this guarantee can be transferred if one sells a car before expiration.

Are your technicians certified?

The success of any repair or replacement largely depends on how skilled a technician is at carrying out such tasks. Therefore, establishing whether employees are certified is important. 

For example, certification from recognized organizations like NGA (National Glass Association) would indicate that personnel have undergone extensive training programs and stick with global standards whenever they work. 

It’s worth noting that certified professionals usually strictly follow safety guidelines while using top-quality products, leading to perfect finishes.

Find out from a local auto glass company which certifications their technicians hold along with years of work experience; also ask about continuous education opportunities businesses offer to ensure that their staff stays up-to-date with new methods and technologies.

How familiar are you with the make and model of my car?

Some cars have unique windshields or need special installation processes due to design features like shape, technology employed during the manufacturing process, etc. Safety precautions considered when putting these vehicles together could require different approaches when replacing them.

Therefore, ADAS-equipped vehicles might demand recalibration cameras/sensors after screen changes where applicable. This applies mainly to those with systems such as automatic emergency braking (AEB) lane departure warning, among others.

Always inquire about the level of experience that an auto glass specialist has had so far working on cars like yours; such information will help determine if they understand what needs to be done in relation to your automobile, thus ensuring proper repairs are conducted.

Can you bill my insurance directly?

Dealing with insurance claims can consume much time and patience, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Most companies offer direct billing for policies, which saves you from having to file claims yourselves and then wait for reimbursements; instead, everything is handled by the company involved directly with the insurer, making things move faster and smoother overall.

Find out how these claims are handled within specific businesses and whether they can process the whole thing on behalf of clients, including necessary documentation, and talk through adjusters until successful completion is achieved without hitches being encountered.

Quality questions create a quality life – Tony Robbins

Your windshield is not just ordinary glass. It’s your co-pilot, a silent protector from the elements, and an integral part of your car’s safety system. So when it gets chipped, cracked, or worse—don’t leave its fate to chance.

You should take on the role of driver when asking about auto glass repair. This way, you won’t fall for scams with low-quality materials and unskilled workers. Instead, you will be able to find a reliable partner who knows what you want, understands and respects your budget, and fixes everything so that neither your windows nor windshield have any cracks left.

Don’t go for temporary solutions that might put you at risk while driving. Take control of the process by asking difficult questions and cooperating with those professionals who care about their client’s well-being more than anything else. When dealing with such an important vehicle part, do not settle for anything less than this.

If you’re ready to take the next step, don’t hesitate to contact our expert auto glass replacement professionals today. Get a free quote, inquire about our services, and let our expertise guide you toward a safe and clear view ahead.