Starting a Windshield Repair or Replacement Business

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Windshield repair can be a lucrative business venture. After learning the skills required for repairing or replacing a vehicle’s windshield, you can open a shop in your community or opt for a mobile business model that allows you to repair or replace windshields at your clients’ homes. You can also operate your windshield repair and replacement venture on a part-time or full-time basis.

Starting a Windshield Repair or Replacement Business myWindshield

So why windshield repair?

Windshield repair is a 1 billion-dollar industry, and this number is on the rise. According to a leading windshield repair supply company, motorists, and insurance love windshield repair because it saves both time and money. It is also a great way to become self-employed and the upfront starting costs are quite low.

Getting started with your windshield repair business

– The skills and tools

It is important that you start by acquiring the right skills and tools necessary to run your windshield repair business. There are lots of online resources that can help you learn pretty much everything, meaning that windshield repair skills are much easier to acquire. The National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) is fully dedicated to windshield repair, providing both education and accreditation to technicians. Understanding the types of tools you will need for your business is equally important.

– The software

To enter and remain competitive in the windshield repair and replacement industry, you need to invest in the right software that will help you run your business as efficiently as possible. You want software that will help you key in your orders seamlessly and invoice both clients and insurance as soon as possible. The software should also be accessible from anywhere you are performing the repair.

Officially starting your windshield repair business

Like with any business, getting started as a windshield repairer can be quite a process. It is important that you cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s to ensure that your business is legitimate right from the onset. What looks like a small mistake or cut corners can cause you a lot of headache down the road.

Each state has its own unique requirements for new business registration. Find out your state’s new business start-up requirements. Keep in mind the federal requirements too when getting started. You can find helpful resources from the U.S Small Business Association (SBA).

How to get paid for windshield repairs

– Cash

The average windshield repair cost is around $55, and there are a solid amount of motorists who would be willing to pay this now to prevent the need for $500+ in windshield replacement later.

– Insurance

Insurance invoices are one of the major sources of income for windshield repairers. You can apply the same point for cash customers to insurance companies. Most insurance carriers are often willing to cover the $55 repair even if it does not get anywhere close to the customer’s deductible because it this means that they will not have to pay more for replacement later.

Ready, Set, Go!

There is money out there for folks ready to venture into the windshield repair business. Sign up with myWindshield, a nationwide on-demand windshield repair and windshield replacement service in the U.S. This online network of local, professional auto glass fitters and repairs can help you get more jobs locally and build your business.