Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to just some of the questions that you may have. We can’t cover everything, but we will add to the list as more topics are highlighted.

What is myWindshield all about?

myWindshield is a one-stop web-based quote service, and is operated by Interactive Network Ltd. Our site facilitates access to rapid, high-quality, low-cost windshield repair, windshield replacement and side window or back glass replacement services, delivered by certified auto glass technicians.

Will using myWindshield cost me anything?

No – it’s free for you to use the myWindshield website. We’ve set the site up so that it’s really simple for you to request one or more quotes in just minutes from our certified auto glass technicians who operate in your area. Find the deal you like, and we’ll give you a direct link to the technician, then you can give more details about your individual requirements.

Where does my quote actually come from?

Your details will be handed on to appropriate auto glass technicians near you, and it is the technicians who deliver their quotes directly to you. The end result is one or a series of quotes for the service that best meets your needs, at the best price possible.

How do I know the auto glass technician I choose is experienced?

We enforce a strict rule that we only allow local, experienced and certified auto glass technicians to join our network, and therefore to send quotes to our users. We do not deal with inexperienced technicians, and don’t allow them to become partners.

Can the technician direct bill my insurance provider?

Yes, most of our partners are insurance approved and therefore able to offer direct billing. They will deal with all the paperwork, saving you time and effort, and the insurance will pay them directly for the job.

Should I consider paying the technician directly, rather than claiming through my insurance company?

This depends on your insurance cover and the cost of the work. Sometimes it can work out cheaper to pay the technician rather than claiming through your insurer. Our partners work very hard to keep costs to a minimum, offsetting costs and working to lower profit margins so that you can pay less. It’s always worth asking the technician which is your best option.

Do I need to call the insurance company?

Not if you are dealing with a partner who has direct billing facilities – they will handle it on your behalf. The technician will bill the insurance company direct, so naturally, they will need your insurance details. Our technicians always strive to keep your bills low, and they may be able to give you a discount, to go towards your excess.