Lexus windshield replacement

Need speedy Lexus auto glass? You’ve come to the right place. For Lexus windshield repair, windshield replacement, ADAS calibration and body glass replacement services from qualified professionals, get in touch with a myWindshield member partner today and save time and money on Lexus auto glass.

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Lexus is the luxury division of Japanese automotive manufacturing giant Toyota, known for producing premium, high-quality sedans, SUVs and crossovers. Toyota launched Lexus in 1989 to compete with luxury divisions from its rivals Honda and Nissan, respectively Acura and Infinity. Toyota reported US sales of 258,434 vehicles sold in 2022.


Lexus windshield installers, USA

Lexus auto glass is designed with extreme attention to detail and precision, which helps drivers maintain crystal clear vision and a quiet, comfortable cabin environment. Nevertheless, damage to the windshield or body glass often requires windshield replacement or body glass replacement. Leave your Lexus in the capable hands of an auto glass member listed on this site.

Lexus auto glass services, USA

Our auto glass partners receive many requests for Lexus auto glass services from customers. Below are some of the most commonly requested services from Lexus owners:

  • Lexus glass replacement: the windshield is an integral part of keeping you and any passengers safe, so excessively damaged or outright shattered windshields or body glass should be replaced by genuine auto glass professionals.
  • Lexus glass repair: Lexus windshields with rock chips or small cracks generally shorter than the length of a dollar bill can often (but not always) be repaired, which can be convenient and affordable when compared to buying a brand new replacement windshield. Auto glass technicians on myWindshield provide Lexus windshield repair services.
  • Lexus ADAS calibration: many modern Lexus models come with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as Lane Departure Alert, Pre-Collision System and other features under the Lexus Safety System+. ADAS-equipped Lexus models must be recalibrated professionally whenever the windshield is replaced.

Lexus auto glass services near you

The elegance of a Lexus depends on you, the owner, keeping it looking and performing safely with high-quality Lexus auto glass fitted professionally by reputable mobile auto glass installers near you. Start using myWindshield today and save time and money on auto glass for your Lexus, no matter the model, and receive a free quote over the phone.

Lexus models supported

myWindshield has auto glass partners operating all across the US ready to service the following Lexus models:

  • Lexus IS
  • Lexus ES
  • Lexus LS
  • Lexus RC
  • Lexus LC
  • Lexus LBX
  • Lexus UX
  • Lexus NX
  • Lexus RX
  • Lexus RZ
  • Lexus TX
  • Lexus GX
  • Lexus LX
  • Lexus LM