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If you’re looking for auto glass shops near you in Arizona, myWindshield puts you in direct contact with local auto glass technicians and mobile technicians quickly and without hassle. Our member partners are skilled at repairing and replacing windshields and side windows on cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans.

Most of the auto glass shops listed below will let you drive your car into the shop yourself for repairs, or in the event of serious damage, they can arrange to send a mobile auto glazier to you at home, work, or wherever you’re located in Arizona. You can also request same-day or next-day service with many of our partners.

How much will a windshield repair cost in Arizona (AZ)?

The cost of windshield repairs and windshield replacements in Arizona is slightly higher than the national average. Naturally, the cost varies a fair bit depending on the county and the auto glass shop you choose, as well as on the make and model of your vehicle, how badly the glass has been damaged, the vehicle’s age, and of course, your insurance policy.

Generally, new vehicles equipped with ADAS systems are more expensive to repair simply because the sensors and cameras must be properly calibrated to the vehicle’s onboard ADAS system.

In Arizona, it costs an average of about $195 for glass services, with a range of around $140-225, depending on the windshield repair shop and location. You can easily request free, no-obligation quotes for the service you need and pick the offer you like the most.

Auto glass repair in Arizona made easy

Anything can happen on Arizona’s roads and highways, including a crack or rock chip on your windshield from kicked up gravel or debris. Cracks and chips aren’t always an immediate danger for your vehicle, but if ignored they can quickly turn into a real hazard.

Small rock chips or cracks will only spread over time, especially if you’re driving over rough terrain. Vibrations from uneven road surfaces accelerate the spread of cracks, so if you put off getting the windshield repaired for too long you could end up with wider and longer cracks that extend to the end of the windshield. At that point, you’ll likely need to have it replaced, which can be significantly more expensive than if you would have had it repaired early on.

Qualified and reputable auto glass shops all across Arizona use a resin compound which is injected into the crack or chip. Heat is then applied to the crack, which forces the resin to expand inside of the crack and occupy all air pockets, thereby creating an airtight bond. UV light cures the compound and sets it in place. Normally, you can get back on the road shortly thereafter with a windshield that’s safe and sound.

Depending on the auto glass technician, this entire process can take as little as an hour for small rock chips up to a day or longer if the damage is severe and the shop is fully booked. The best way to know how long it’ll take to have your windshield repaired or replaced is to pick up the phone and call one of the myWindshield partners listed above. Just click on “GET A QUOTE,” enter your ZIP code, and find a reputable auto glass shop near you in Arizona. 

Windshield laws and regulations in Arizona (AZ)

Laws and regulations in Arizona require that:

  • Vehicle type: any motorcycle, ATV, or golf cart manufactured before June 17, 1998 does not require a windshield. Classic and antique cars do not require a windshield if the original vehicle did not have one.
  • Windshield manufacturing: all windshields must be resistant to shattering and made with safety glass glazing.
  • Free of obstructions: from the top of the steering wheel to within two inches of the top of the windshield, no damage or discoloration is permitted.
  • Windshield wipers: every vehicle in Arizona with a windshield (except for golf carts) must have driver-controlled windshield wipers equipped and in good working order.
  • Tinted windows and windshields: tint cannot be reflective and it must permit the driver to see through the tinted material. The tint cannot extend below the manufacturer’s AS-1 line. Red tint is prohibited on the windshield and other windows of the vehicle.
  • Windshields are free of rock chips or cracks: any crack(s) that are intersected by at least one other crack require windshield replacement. Chips and cracks cannot be larger than ¾ inches in diameter. Cracks and rock chips cannot be within 3 inches of one another.
  • GPS devices and smartphones: these devices are permitted, with state-specific limitations, to be mounted on the windshield in Arizona.

There are no specific fine amounts in Arizona for failure to comply with the above windshield laws and regulations, but instead each county may have its own limits on fine and citation amounts. Law enforcement can issue fines and citations using their discretion if they believe that your windshield is not in compliance. Rather than take your chances, why not get started with myWindshield today to keep your windshield compliant and safe?

Quality auto glass repair and replacement in Arizona

Whether you’re in Maricopa County, passing by Flagstaff or anywhere else in the great state of Arizona, trust myWindshield to connect with reputable, local auto glass repair shops and mobile technicians near you. myWindshield makes it quick and easy to have your windshield repaired, replaced, or calibrated professionally at competitively low rates.

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