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With myWindshield, motorists all across the great state of Delaware can now quickly and easily connect with reputable, high-quality, affordable auto glass technicians and auto glass shops. We work with over 300 partners across the United States, and the list grows every day. Our member partners excel at performing repairs and replacements for all sorts of auto glass on cars, trucks, vans, or SUVs including front and rear windshields, side and rear glass, and windshield calibration services.

Below you’ll find a list of our registered members in Delaware, so feel free to browse through and reach out to one or more of them by either clicking on “GET QUOTES” above, or give them a ring directly. Many will be able to perform same-day repairs and next-day repairs upon request, and many will also offer mobile technicians that can come out to you if your windshield is too damaged to take into the shop yourself.


How much do auto glass repairs cost in Delaware (DE)?

One of the first questions you may be asking yourself is “how much do windshield repairs cost in Delaware?” Well, depending on the age of the vehicle, the severity of the damage, make/model, and your insurance policy, the cost can vary quite a bit. Moreover, the cost fluctuates with your choice of auto glass shop, so it pays to shop around.

Generally, the cost of auto glass services in Delaware ranges from about $99-275, with an average of about $212, which is a little higher than the national average. The best way to figure out how much you can expect to pay for auto glass services is to simply get one or more quotes from one of our partners above.

Getting a windshield repair in Delaware

Your vehicle’s windshield provides structural integrity and it keeps you and your passengers safe so long as it is in good working order. A small crack or rock chip in the windshield isn’t usually cause for immediate concern, but it’s best to have it looked after sooner rather than later.

Over time, small cracks can splinter out and become longer or intersect with other cracks. If this happens, your windshield is no longer keeping you safe and you are putting yourself at risk of serious injury, or at least a fine or citation if pulled over by highway patrols. Furthermore, if you wait too long your windshield may need to be completely replaced since repairs are either too costly or impossible.

The good news is that motorists in Delaware can use myWindshield to find local, reputable auto glass shops capable of performing windshield repairs, replacement, calibration for ADAS systems, and much more.

Normally, cracks can be repaired in as little as an hour or up to a few hours, depending on the severity of the damage. The technician injects a resin compound into the damaged area and then heats it up, which forces the compound to occupy all air voids and thus structurally reinforce the windshield. Then, the windshield is allowed to cure over the course of a day or longer, or, in many cases, strong UV lights are used to quicken the curing process, thus allowing you to get back on the road safely.

Windshield laws and regulations in Delaware

Laws and regulations in Delaware require that:

  • Vehicle type: all vehicles manufactured after July 1, 1937 must be equipped with a windshield in Delaware, with exceptions for antique and classic cars.
  • Windshield manufacturing: all windshields must be made of shatter-resistant safety glass, except for antique cars and street rods, which are permitted to have anodized glass only if they were originally manufactured with this type of windshield material.
  • Windshield wipers: all vehicles must be equipped with driver-controlled windshield wipers that are in good working order to remove snow, rain, debris, and moisture from the driver’s field of vision.
  • Obstructions: Delaware laws regarding signs, posters, or labels on the windshield are quite strict. These are prohibited on the windshield unless they are transparent, or otherwise required by law.
  • Tinted windows and windshields: the only type of tint permitted in Delaware is non-reflective tint above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line. Metallic or mirrored tints are prohibited. The front and side glass must permit at least 70% light penetration into the vehicle.
  • Windshields are free of rock chips or cracks: in Delaware, state laws mandate that from the top two inches of the windshield to the top of the steering wheel, the windshield must be free of cracks and/or rock chips. Elsewhere on the windshield, a single crack is permitted so long as it does not intersect with other cracks or chips. Any cracks or chips up to ¾ inches in diameter must be at least three inches away from other cracks or chips.
  • GPS devices and smartphones: these devices are not permitted to be mounted on the windshield in Delaware.

Failure to comply with the state windshield laws in Delaware can lead to fines between $25-115 for the first offense. Subsequent violations can result in fines ranging from $57.50-230 and/or jail time between 10-30 days. Violations regarding tinting can lead to the tint installer receiving a fine between $100-500 as well as a refund to the customer. Try to avoid paying fines by remaining compliant and keeping your automotive glass in good working order. Use myWindshield today to find reputable auto glass shops near you.

Affordable auto glass repair and replacement in Delaware (DE)

Wherever you’re located in The Diamond State of Delaware, don’t settle for less than affordable, high-quality auto glass repairs when you need them most. The partners listed right here on myWindshield offer great value for your hard-earned money to get you back on the road safely.

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