Auto glass repair in Minnesota

Looking for affordable auto glass services in Minnesota? Forget about two-week appointment times and ridiculously expensive deductibles for auto glass with the big guys and get in touch with the hardworking, independent auto glass shops listed on myWindshield. Our member partners can help with windshield repair and windshield replacement for your vehicle, usually on the same day or next-day, always at affordable prices.

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How many vehicles are on the roads in Minnesota? 5.7 million vehicles were registered in MN according to Bureau of Transportation Statistics data from 2017. That means there’s plenty of auto glass susceptible to rock chips and cracks, so don’t waste your time and energy and get quick help from an auto glass technician near you.

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Auto glass services in MN, USA

Our auto glass technicians in Minnesota provide:

  • Windshield crack repair
  • Rock chip repair
  • Windshield replacement
  • Side & rear window replacement
  • Vent glass replacement
  • Quarter glass replacement
  • Sunroof & moonroof glass replacement
  • ADAS calibration
  • Window tinting
  • Side mirror replacement
  • Custom glass services

Please keep in mind that our member partners operate independent businesses, so the exact services they offer may differ, and their coverage areas and business operating hours are likely different as well. Pick up the phone and call one of our member auto glass technicians and ask for a free quote.

Frequently asked questions about auto glass in Minnesota, USA

Can I wash my car right after having the windshield repaired or replaced?

No. The resin compound and urethane products used for windshield repair and windshield replacement need time to cure fully before you can wash the vehicle. Generally, it is recommended that you wait at least 24 hours before washing your car if you’ve had the windshield repaired or replaced.

Can I tint my windshield in Minnesota?

No. Minnesota’s window tinting laws, enacted in 1985, prohibit the tinting of windshields. Some tinting is permitted on front side windows, rear side windows, and back glass up to a specific amount of visible light transmission or opacity and reflectivity, depending on whether the vehicle is a sedan, SUV or a van.

Is Minnesota a zero-deductible state for auto glass?

No. Vehicle owners in Minnesota have two primary ways of paying for auto glass services. Either the auto insurance policy contains specific coverage for auto glass services (or an optional auto glass coverage policy is added) or the customer must pay out of pocket. Choose a local auto glass shop near you in Minnesota by using myWindshield.

Windshield replacement in Minnesota

From the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul to Bloomington, Rochester and many other towns and cities in the heartland of the great state of Minnesota, look no further than this site to connect with local, independent auto glass technicians.