No matter how carefully you drive, it is inevitable that your car, SUV, van or truck glass will be damaged or broken at some time during the life of the vehicle. Your windshield may be chipped or cracked by a flying piece of roadside rock, or you may get a cracked windshield by hitting a pothole or even another vehicle - it happens. For your side and back glass, damage is often caused by vandalism, or by a break-in. Side windows are often the preferred option for thieves who smash them with something hard like a pry bar or a hammer in order to get hold of anything of value. It’s bad enough having property stolen, but the mess and damage that a break-in causes must be seen to be believed – it’s awful.

It seems as though your windshield and other vehicle glass is being attacked from all directions, so you can take comfort in knowing that the myWindshield network of auto glass professionals are there when you need them. Call them in, and they will come to your aid with windshield repairs, windshield replacements and side or back glass replacements, wherever you are. You can go along to a repair center, or call them out to your home, your workplace, and even the side of the road, confident that you will get a high standard of service and workmanship, along with competitive prices. You will get the best deal available, because all our partners are independent operators, and that gives them the flexibility to offer the best prices, combined with a truly personalized service, that simply cannot be matched by the larger national companies.


Date Job Technician Location Quote
Jan 19, 2023 asdfasdfadsf Star Windshield Manchester £500
Jan 20, 2023 ASDFADSF Star Windshield London £500
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Jan 28, 2023 01-28-2023 Star Windshield London £5005

Why do windshield replacement costs vary?

If you search the internet for ‘windshield replacement near me’ (or a similar search for windshield repair) you will get a puzzlingly broad range of answers - the costs and available service levels may be significantly different across the various providers. The reason this happens is that there are many factors that will influence the price you are quoted for your windshield repair or back glass replacement:

Vehicle make, model and age

There are different glass specifications for different vehicles, and it’s harder to source some types of auto glass than other types. Take an example – a car or a van windshield of a very popular make or model is more likely to be held as a stock item by the auto glass suppliers, than a less popular model. If you drive something older, rarer or more specialist (or even classic or vintage), the glass could need to be ordered in specially, which takes time and is more expensive. Where costs can really rack up is when your car, van, SUV or truck is classed as a prestige vehicle, and the glass needs to be obtained from a dealership and will come complete with their mark-up. In other words, costs are not entirely in the auto glass technician’s hands, they are dependent on where the glass is coming from.

The type of glass supplied and fitted

Does your vehicle have a ‘smart’ windshield? These are becoming more common in production cars. As you can probably predict, the cost of the windshield and therefore the cost of the replacement work will be higher for a smart windshield than for a standard one.

If yours is a standard windshield, your selected auto glass technician may offer you two cost options. The first option will probably be to supply and fit a windshield made by the original manufacturer (a so-called OEM option). This is a direct replacement of the old glass with an equivalent piece, which will have been made by the same manufacturer who made the original one. The second option could be an equivalent windshield, made by another manufacturer (an ‘aftermarket’ windshield). The equivalent windshield will have been made to the same specification as the OEM version, and meet the same safety and quality standards, but will be a lower cost option. It is your choice whether to go for the OEM or the equivalent windshield – each will function as well as the other, it all depends whether you feel it is essential to keep your vehicle to original manufacturer standards (the OEM option) or whether you want to save some cost (the equivalent option).

Where you are situated

Our partners cover the whole of the US, but naturally there are more automotive glass service centers located around cities and towns than in less well-populated areas. If you need to call out a mobile service, the distance the technicians need to travel must be factored into the prices they charge, so costs in remote rural areas will tend to be higher than in and around cities. There will also be variations in labor costs across the various states, which will also drive price differences.

What type of service do you need?

Urgent and same-day services can be more expensive than next-day services. Our partners are all independent operators, and if they get called out to your emergency job, they may be turning down other work in order to accommodate you. Do you really need the work done today, or could you really wait until tomorrow? If so, the technician may be able to fit your job in alongside another one, saving everyone time (and money).

Our partners generally have a call-out service available, and provided your location sits within their range of travel, they will often come out to you without charging a call-out fee. It’s always a good idea to check before agreeing to proceed.

Get quotes before you commit

The variation in prices makes it a sensible idea to ask for one or several quotes through the simple myWindshield quote process before you decide to go ahead. It’s free, getting a quote does not oblige you to proceed, and one of the great benefits of dealing with our network members is that they are all independent operators, free to flex the deals they offer. You can get some significant savings if you get several quotes and compare them to find the best one.

Insurance or cash?

If your windshield needs a repair, most car insurances do cover the cost. However, it’s a good idea to check just what is included in your glass cover, and whether a windshield repair claim can affect your deductible (or excess). If the cost of the repair is anywhere near the value of your deductible, it may be worthwhile simply paying for the repair yourself.

The good news is that you will usually have a choice of who does the windshield repair for you. Insurance companies used to be able to force motorists to go to their own authorized repairer, but in many states, this has been outlawed, and you can choose your own repairer. It therefore makes sense to go to a myWindshield network member for all the benefits that will bring.

If you do decide to claim on your insurance, many of our partners are insurance approved, and can handle the claim for you – another example of myWindshield making life easier for the motorist.

Average windshield replacement costs

As we have discovered, there are many reasons why windshield replacement costs differ so much, so we have done a survey among our partners and produced a helpful costs table. This table itemizes all the main pieces of auto glass such as windshields, side windows (vent glass and quarter glass), back glass and even sunroofs. The table acts as a guide to the average costs of each replacement, and can help you if you’re seeking a van, car, SUV or truck glass replacement.