Windshield repair

If your car, van, SUV or truck windshield needs repairing, there is no better way to go about it than to request a quote through myWindshield; one of the leading windshield repair networks in the US. We have 300+ auto glass shops and mobile technicians operating across all the states, and using our network is quicker and easier than doing a general online search for a ‘windshield repair near me’. Using our site, you will be able to find one of our network members who is near enough to your location to get to you without undue delay. A windshield repair specialist, who is willing and able to meet with you at your home, your workplace or even at the side of the road. The aim of our network is to make it quick and simple for you to get your car windshield chip repaired. As soon as you notice you have a problem with your windshield, however small, it makes sense to call out the experts by requesting a no-obligation repair quote.

Chipped Windshield

Auto glass shop or mobile call-out service

Our partners operate a mixture of services. You could choose to drive-in to your local auto glass shop for a windshield repair, or you can call out a mobile technician, who will come along to a suitable place - your work, your home or the roadside - to repair your windshield. If you’re on the side of the road, odds are you don’t want to be searching “auto glass repair near me.” That’s where myWindshield comes in. We can get a car windshield repair professional out to you quickly. If the weather is good, a call-out is often the most popular option, and most technicians’ vehicles have an extendible side awning to keep moderate rain off your vehicle while they work on it. However, if the weather is extremely cold or wet, you may get a better result if you go to an auto glass repair center, which will have all the facilities needed to repair your windshield in a clean and dry environment. Whichever service you choose, our auto glaziers will do the repair for you there and then, usually within about 40 - 60 minutes, and then you’ll be free to continue with your planned activities.

Windshield repair or windshield replacement?

A damaged windshield is not just an inconvenience – it can become a safety issue. The windshield plays a vital part in the structural integrity of your vehicle, whether it’s a van, car, truck or SUV. Small areas of damage such as rock chips and scratches, if left unrepaired can develop into more major damage as the windshield undergoes the stresses and strains of motoring and severe weather. A chip turns into a crack, and instead of a windshield glass repair, you are faced with a windshield replacement, which is a much larger (and longer) task. Also, the longer you leave a chip or a crack, the more dirt and dust will get into it, making it harder to achieve an invisible repair.

The good news is that our partners all operate with a ‘repair first’ mindset – if the problem is repairable, you can rely on their expertise to make that judgment call - they won’t simply go ahead and replace the windshield. Assuming your vehicle glass is covered on your insurance (most policies do cover at least the windshield, but it’s a good idea to check), a glass repair usually doesn’t cost you anything, or affect your deductible (or excess). A windshield replacement costs far more than a repair, and even if your windshield is covered by your insurance, your deductible may be affected.

Did you know that windshield glass cannot currently be recycled? This is because windshields are made up of a bonded sandwich of glass inside and out, with a strengthening inner layer of man-made material (polymer). It’s this mix of materials, which is almost impossible to separate, that means all scrap windshields tend to go straight to landfill. A windshield repair is therefore a ‘greener’ option than a windshield replacement.

What is a windshield repair?

A windshield repair, or stone chip repair, is usually done by filling the chip with a fast-setting resin, and under most circumstances, is almost invisible when completed. The quality of the repair depends largely on how well the area is prepared, and how much contamination, water or dirt is left inside the chip before it is filled. For this reason, it’s vital to get a chip repair done as soon as the damage occurs rather than to leave it – the chip could not only develop into a crack due to road vibration, but will be exposed to the weather, filling with more contamination over time, and will be harder for the technician to clean out for repair.

Once the area for repair has been cleaned and dried, a clear curable resin will be used to fill in the chip, and the curing process will be speeded up by use of UV light or by some other means. The selected resin, when cured, will have the same optical properties as the windshield glass, which means although it is unlikely to be completely invisible, the repair will be smooth so it won’t damage the wiper blades, and hard to see. A repaired windshield is just as strong and structurally sound as an undamaged windshield – the safety of your vehicle is not compromised by a windshield repair.

How much does a windshield repair cost?

Windshield repair costs will be different depending on a whole range of factors – the type of vehicle and therefore the type of windshield, and of course the amount of damage (too much damage, or damage in a critical area may mean a replacement is needed rather than a repair). One of our professional rock chip repair technicians can usually complete a windshield repair for around $50 to $60. 

If your insurance company is one of the many who will waive your deductible if you get a repair rather than replace your windshield, you will have nothing to pay. However, not all insurances are equal. If your insurance still insists on a deductible whatever you do, it’s worth comparing the cost of the repair with the value of the deductible. If the repair cost is lower, or even slightly more than the deductible, it may make better sense for you to pay for the repair without involving your insurance. Talk to your myWindshield technician – they can offer good advice on the best way forward in these circumstances.

So much more than a pane of glass

As the name implies, the very first windshields were fitted to early vehicles as a way of keeping rain, wind and debris out of the eyes of the driver. They were simply a flat pane of glass, and not toughened or reinforced in any way. Although vehicle speeds were much slower and traffic density much lower in the early days of motoring, collisions did occur. In fact, the driver or passengers were more likely to be injured by pieces of broken windshield glass, than the physical impact of the other vehicle. Eventually toughened glass was introduced, but this tended to break into sharp shards too, and it wasn’t until the advent of the composite windshield that injuries due to glass cuts were reduced.

The modern windshield is a marvel of technological advancement – shaped, toughened glass with a polymer inner layer, designed to add strength to the total vehicle and to protect the driver in all but the most severe collisions. And it doesn’t stop there – there are tints and coatings to keep out heat, sunlight and UV rays, heated windshields and smart windshields fitted with sensors to operate the wipers automatically. The latest windshields are starting to use some of the aerospace technology which has been under development in anticipation of widespread use of partially self-driving and fully autonomous vehicles. These include advanced sensors and heads-up displays - developments that are becoming more common in production vehicles.

The future

There have been such major advances from the earliest days of motoring, so your windshield deserves to be treated with the same care and consideration as any other hi-tech feature of your van, car, SUV or truck. No matter how advanced the technology, a windshield can still suffer chips, cracks and scratches. At the first sign of damage, or any other problem, don’t delay, put your windshield into the capable hands of one of our expert partners. They are always ready and willing to offer you their expert advice and assistance.

myWindscreen (UK)

Our online platform for affordable, reliable windshield repair and windshield replacement services is available to all Americans, but our team has already been providing these services in the UK for many years. The myWindshield journey follows on the overwhelming success of our sister website over in the UK, myWindscreen. What's a windscreen, you might ask? In Britain, windscreens are windshields, just by another name! Our UK site provides the same affordable, high-quality windscreen repair and windscreen replacement services for customers located in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.